Beautiful bars with bold flavors made from real ingredients. We simply press veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts together - with nothing to hide.

No binders. No added sugars. No artificial ingredients.


When you look at our Pressed Bars you’re looking at everything we put into it. Literally. Real veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. No binders or added sugars holding them together. No artificial ingredients, either.

How did we do it? We just press them together, into a bar that celebrates the true form, flavors and colors of the ingredients. It is a multi-textural eating experience, that balances sweet and savory.

Our Reviews

“It's definitely flavorful. It's really delicious. It's a delicious bar. You could taste everything essentially. It’s a really tasty bar.” - Krista

It looks like it's from the earth. It tastes like it's from the earth, you get the dried veggies, you get dried fruit, everything is very colorful. It's very vibrant.” -Anthony

“It's very well-balanced. Perfect for me. Very sweet also savory.” -Nathan

“...Very unique flavor combinations...This is like a very new experience.” -Morgan

“I think that the spices play actually really well with the fruit flavors in there” -Matt


Snacking can be a great way to help maintain healthy lifestyle goals, especially when it includes veggies. Before Dirt Kitchen Snacks, snacking on real veggies was kind of…well…boring. We have nothing against carrot and celery sticks, they just get a little mundane over time. We knew we could do better.

Veggies are delicious. They are crunchy. They are earthy. They are spicy. They are used in every kind of cooking. Do you know how many different flavors of veggies there are? We have so much to work with! All we had to do is apply a little snacking know-how and culinary creativity to make them into delicious, portable snacks. We couldn’t think about portable snacks without thinking about bars!

Our new delicious bars are made by taking veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts and simply pressing them together - with nothing in between. Each bar has a unique bold flavor and beautiful color. Every time you bite in, you taste the different textures, and flavors. Plus we never add sugar, binders or artificial ingredients – true to our promise these bars are real ingredients simply pressed together.